The church is more about the devil today than Christ. There are many things happening in the body of Christ as if Satan is the master / ruler of your life. There are prophecies of Satan (I see mouse in your business etc.). 

Instead of seeing perfections in the body of Christ (the church). we don’t pray a prayer that directs us to Christ but to the devil. Jesus said “I have given you authority overall. Now why do you concentrate on the enemy when Christ has given you the authority over all things.

 If our prayers are focused on fools then who are we (fools = Satan / devils). Colossians 1:19, says the fullness of Christ is in me. If the fullness of Christ (that is the fullness of God dwells in me (because Christ is in me and I in Him) then why breakthrough. Christ is the breakthrough and He resides in me. So I am the breakthrough. I am the church, an epitome of Christ. Christ has come in, the fullness of God tabernacles in you. 

The totality of God (heaven) dwells in you, if all heaven and its luxuries is in you, then what do you need again? What is the essence of breakthroughs? Speak forth and manifest your glory in Christ what has been completed 2,000 years ago. 

It has been accomplished for you longtime ago. Just possess it. At repentance, you are transcended into a different realm. Heaven is not a destination. It is a realm. He said “I will give you the keys, meaning heaven was locked and Christ is the key. The door is Christ and the door is automated and opens to you because you have Christ the key. 

Nothing on earth can reveal Christ, He is only revealed by heaven, the presence. The presence of God. This room is a place of possibility because God is in authority. The truth has only one direction. I’ll give you the keys, upon you, I’ll build my church. Meaning you can make Christ a prisoner because He is in you and the keys are with you. 

Meaning you determine what you want with your life. You now are a spiritual being. Tongues is a mystery only understood by God because the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God which resides in you. And His spirit speaks His language. The keys to heaven is in your hands. Christ was knocking to imprison himself. Not everyone in church is a Christian. 

Matthew 4:17, the church is place to hear the word unto repentance. He that has hear, let him hear. Those who hear manifest Christ. Col 1:20. He has reconciled anything (everything) to himself. And dwells in you. What then has authority over you? God is the only person who can decode you. People, family cannot understand you because you are endowed with and in glory. Christ in you, is God in you. Our behavior makes people insult Christ because we don’t manifest Christ. Our life should depict and manifest Christ. Hebrews 13:8, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, forever. Because he never changes.

The church today had become a market place, bigger than Makola. Preachers now are just sellers of books, oils, potatoes etc. God sent us to preach his word (which is power, authority and dominates). I am (we are) sent to preach the word. Where is the value of the word? The value is now placed in oils, hand bands, etc. Introduce Christ to me but they introduce apple, handkerchiefs, etc. Christ has become a branch to make money. 

The message preached today has no Christ in you. Colossians 1:26, He holds everything to himself. Where is Christ in the Church? Jesus is the reason. Christ has never failed. The books will fail, the oils, apples etc. will fail but Jesus never fails. There is one thing that I know that everywhere I go Christ never fails. Jesus expects you to speak higher realms. When Christ is revealed to you, there is no failure. The mallam and the juju man will fail but Jesus will never fails. Jesus will never leave me or anyone who believes in Him. 

One thing I know and know for sure is there is one King (Jesus) and He cannot fail us. Prophets, pastors, evangelists, apostles will fail you but Jesus will never fail you. 

Everywhere I go, the world would say it is impossible but one thing for sure is Jesus will never fail. Doctors, teachers, family will fail you but Jesus never fails. Every sickness in this room is dying out because everything is under His authority. This is a day of reckoning. Amen.