It is written about you that you are sent from heaven. Is it something something that  we believe? Who is a son? A son of God is he who is living the life of Christ. You cannot be varied.

The man of God reawakens the congregation on the consciousness of their sonship

In the book of Hebrews 1:3  the word says ..”Jesus is the express image of the invisible God. This does not denote that Jesus is a seperation from God but that Jesus is God.

If you say you are a child of God, your life should be full of grace and truth. Grace cannot be seperated from truth; truth is not a knowing or wisdom but a persinality and that personality is Jesus. Jesus didn’t say, I know the truth but I am the truth (John 14:6). He goes ahead to tell us where where our freedom is: that you shall know the truth and I wil make you free ( John 8:32)

Pastors Mr and Mrs Adedege of Ark of God Ministries, South Africa responds to the word

We know Jesus when we repent. In Christiandom, many have paired repentance to salvation but the two are not the same. Jesus never led anyone unto salvation until he rose from the cross. Jesus preached repentance and promised salvation. Jesus ministry centered on two wings:  repentance and the kingdom of God.

A cross section of the congregation receiving the word

When you repent and turn to God, the kingdom of God comes to you. The kingdom comes upon you, by you and in you. We repent from our deeds in mind and heart. There are people today who do  not sin, do all the rights things and are not righteious because the revelation of Christ has  not come unto to them. The revelation of Christ comes when you receive him. We have received his personality and His Spirit. God create us in His image and in His likeness.

Expectant congregation receiving the divine truth for their next level

In the book of Genesis 1:1 ” in the beginning, God created the Heaven and the earth and in Revelation 1:8, ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end”. The significance of heaven has lost its place in sons  of but we are sent from heaven.  In John 3:31 “ is above and is greater than anyone else”. Jesus rose up as hundred percent God. His lordship was ordained in totality. This was the day, we became son of God. Men are mad but sons are sane. Madness  came from sin. In sonship, we die again and we die to sin and we rise up to live a new life. God does not conceive human  beings because He is a spirit. The son has been given to us. Accept his Sonship and rule in it.

The man of God Pastor Kelvin, exhorting congregation that Sonship is for the now

God has given us all authoirty that does not allow Him to function on earth until He gets a vessel.  If Jesus doesn’t get a man like you to cause a change, the name will be resting. You bring the name into action. Remember, John the baptist had to baptize Jesus that Jesus could touch sin. God created death to taste death. Every single thing has been wiped away but we are refusing to take His place. The sonship of Jesus Christ began when the  Holy Ghost began. Jesus stared with temptation. If Jesus was tempted, who are you? The deeper the temptations, the higher the glory. Temptations will fortify you and put the word of fire on your mouth for you are a Child of God. When Jesus began ministry, He functioned as a Son of God. When Jesus stepped out of the water, Heaven shut down because al, the fullness of Heaven was in Him.

“Temptations will fortify you and out the word of fire on your lips”-Pastor Kelvin

You are not sent from Heaven to be a beggar. There was a son of God but today there sons of God. God has mandated you to let the word see who He is. Your lost your first nature in Adam and have now taken your final nature in Christ. In the book of 1 Corinthians15:47. “The first man was from the earth, a man of dust; the second man is from heaven.”Adam was created but Jesus was born. Jesus didn’t sought for men but men sought for Him. 

An elated congregation responds to the word

We don’t enter into the presence when we enter the church but we carry the presence. God does not live in temples made with the hands of men. If you should go to heaven right now, God is absent because He is made His abode in you. The anointing is in your spirit. In the absence of Jesus, water and tokens become important to men.

The man of God ministers to a young lady with two ovaries removed by doctors

In the book of Hebrews 1:1, ” Long ago, God spoke to us by his prophets and fathers but has spoken to us by His son in these days.” The Son has given us the Spirit to hear him. Heaven is not a location but a realm. If you remain a man, you die a man. Jesus manifested His sonship in the gospel and now He has manifsted to us in the Spirit. Remember, the world is not waiting for manifestation of Son of God but the sons of God. The joy of God is not completed until you manifest His glory. The fisrt born again is Jesus. Jesus didn’t become a sinner, He became sin. We are the righteousness of God. Jesus is not begging us to be, He has given the mandate to be. In the Holy Ghost, you don’t function like Adam but Chirst. When you appear, Jesus is seen. 

The power of God sends the lady to the floor as the Lord replaces the two ovaries. HALLELUYAH

The seat of God is in you. The throne is in you. It is not about him whom you know but whom you have receievd. Every situation that you have comes across is waiting for you WORD. You are a limitation to limitations. Reign as a Son.