Experience the revelation of eternal life at this yearly convocation of Saints. The presence of God is always manifest to heal and set many at Liberty

Receive divine truth and have an intimate knowledge in the face of Jesus Christ as you join Pastor Kelvin for Higher Life.

Across nations, the power of God moves to subdue all situations with great anointed men of God. Have an encounter with the Spirit.

Experience the practicality of the word made simple in this insightful teaching with the man of God, Pastor Kelvin. Walk in a new dimension of Consciousness for a glorious Christian Life

Join Pastor Kelvin expound on the mysteries of the word and He through the scriptures revealed the hidden secrets of God for a glorious life.

Discover the need to win your world for Jesus as you join the great workforce winning lost to Jesus.

A time of divine revelation on the finished work of Christ. Walk in a new consciousness of the finished work of Christ in your life.

Thousands gather to hear the word of God and to receive the impartation of the Spirit for a fulfilling and victorious Christian life and the enhancement of their spiritual growth.